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Wedding Drum Circle

I have had the honour of being invited to at least four weddings in the last few years to facilitate a drum circle with the guests. The activity is consistently a big hit with the crowd especially as an activity to bring all the guests together between the formal wedding ceremony and the reception.

The last wedding in which I facilitated a drum circle was at Lucy and John’s wedding in September 2014 at A Touch of Salt Restaurant here in Townsville. I had all the drums set up on the patio and as the guests arrive, a few did not quite know what they were supposed to do. Others however sat right down and started to tap away at the drums.

Once most of the guests arrived, I brought the group together and we started a facilitated rhythm activity that had everyone getting involved and interacting with each other. There were smiles all around. By the time the newlywed arrived from their photo session, the social bonds between the individuals were truly strengthened. Oh and the bride looked absolutely stunning….


Alex S.