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First Workshop for 2015


I held two back-to-back 2-hour workshops today 15 February 2015 and it went off! The first workshop that catered for Beginning Beginners focused on djembe technique, djembe accompaniment patterns and an arrangement for the Guinean rhythm Noumou – the rhythm of the Blacksmiths.¬† Thanks to Rob, Michael and Jo for stepping up to quickly learn the dundunba, sangban and kenkeni parts of Noumou. I learned this arrangement from Famoudou Konate during my visit to Guinea West Africa in 2003. I had the privilege of seeing the Noumou rhythm performed in Sangbaralla, Famoudou’s village of about 2,000 residents located about 600kms west of the capital Conakry. During the Noumou dance, the blacksmiths of the village came out in procession carrying their crafts – axes, knives and various farming implements. It was a real honour to pass on this rhythm to people here in Townsville.

The second workshop catered for beyond beginners / intermediate players. In two hours we covered an arrangement for the rhythms of seduction – Yankadi (6/8) and Makru (4/4). It was fast paced, high energy and really pushed the stamina of the participants.

Thanks to all who attended the workshops. The next workshops are tentatively scheduled on Sunday 15th March. If you are interested, please email me on to reserve your spot.

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