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First FMDC for 2015!

There was potential for rain to come down but we persevered….. and came out dry 🙂 The first Full Moon Drum Circle for 2015 went off and there were smiles and laughter all around. And good solid rhythm too!

For the first time (ever) I grouped all the bass drums in one section and asked confident people to play these so as to provide a solid backbone to the group’s rhythm – and it worked! A couple of rhythm parts were passed around and within a few minutes, the whole group was grooving along.

We even held down a solid 6/8 groove and once people got the feel of it, it was all smooth sailing 🙂

The Full Moon Salsa event followed within a minute of the FMDC finishing and Bernadette led a 80-100 strong crowd to moving their feet to salsa, merengue and bachata. See you all again next month – 7 March!

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  • Joann Gallon

    AMAZING first night for 2015. As it always is. I particularly love it when the little kids all get up to dance. They just groove their little hearts out…truly beautiful. Nice to see families getting into the groove. It doesn’t matter if you go alone: it is truly a community event.