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Drum Circle at JCU!

Students at James Cook University were in for a bit of a suprise today during the popular Free Lunch Friday event. While they were disappointed that the original entertainment lined up were unable to come, the last minute addition of the The Rhythm Connection Drum Circle gave them the opportunity to forget about the stress of Uni life even for just a brief moment.

60-80 students joined in and made in-the-moment music on drums and percussion instruments. Many were international students from all over the world and for most, it was the first time they had participated in a drum circle. Thanks to international student Bui Huu Thi for the photos!10856791_733964606723484_7013653661172278039_o 10980196_733964440056834_110003080604588478_o 11021495_733964340056844_2664325783588163929_o 10838243_733964190056859_6674130195550334089_o 11021047_733963816723563_4521315646751335762_o 11043448_733964893390122_1820488529384706948_o

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