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Getting the Hang of it…

10863848_10152608683252613_6566230856946976159_oIn November 2014, my friend Cheryl Oats, emailed me a short video clip of a guy near Byron Bay selling “Hang-style drums”. If you are not familiar with the “Hang Drum” – it is an instrument invented in Switzerland only a couple of decades ago. Similar to a Carribean steel pan except this one is convex shaped and played with the hands.

The popularity of this instrument surged such that it is next to impossible to purchase an original one and if one does come up for sale, these go for about $8,000 upwards. A few other makers came on board and started making similar instruments but even these are very hard to come by and very expensive.

So I was so pleased and very grateful to Cheryl for bringing this Handpan (generic term) maker to my attention. On my 40th last year (or was it my 30th?) I treated myself to one of these amazing instruments – and it IS amazing! I have yet to make a short video of me playing but if you want to hear what it sounds like, search for Hang Drum on YouTube especially a guy called David Kuckhermann.


Alex S.